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Feeding Pillows

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  • Designed to encourage correct posture in Mum, reducing the risk of backache and neck and shoulder tension.
  • Both standard and twin pillows can be turned sideways to provide some back support as well as feeding support, if required.
  • Filled with the highest quality, Australian made polyester fibre with extra resilient fibre to maintain the pillow integrity.
  • U-shaped. The 'arms' of the pillow extend back enough to also provide elbow support.
  • Twin/deluxe size pillow is a luxuriously comfortable pillow large enough to cater for twin feeding. Size: 90cm across, 62cm overall depth: 38cm centre to top and 24 cm centre to end of 'arms'.
  • Our standard sized feeding pillow is suitable for most feeding situations. Size: 76cm across, 50cm overall depth: 29cm centre to top and 21 cm centre to end of 'arms'.
  • All feeding pillows have a moisture resistant liner and 100% cotton, removable covers.
  • Replacement covers available.

How to deal with a demanding toddler when you have to feed bub!

No matter how adoring your toddler is of the new baby in the family, breastfeeding time can be a bit too much to take! All of a sudden your toddler can become very demanding.Take a moment to prepare a comfy special place at your side with some favourite toys, snack and drink. A Wiggy Winks nest and a toycube come in very handy at times like this! A good idea to visit the toilet first too! Your toddler then won't feel left out.



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