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Playmat Uses

A Wiggy Winks playmat is an ideal space for you and your baby to share intimate moments of play, indoors or out.

tummy time

The most important physical change in your baby's first weeks will be the development of neck strength and head control. In order to achieve this, baby will need 'tummy time' on the floor. Our playmats are luxuriously padded and will provide comfort during this crucial developmental phase.



So often we hear stories of bubs 'beaching' themselves when trying to learn to crawl. There may be a gorgeous rug or quilt on the floor for them to crawl on but as they attempt to progress, said rug keeps scrunching up underneath them. A Wiggy Winks playmat will stay put, helping bub to develop a correct crawling style.


From the begining of play to school age, children love to have their own space and a comfortable place to play. You can help develop this habit by preparing an area with a playmat and toycube and some of their favourite toys. When toddler friends come over for a visit, direct them to the play area, give them a toy and away they go. After a couple of visits, you will find that they will naturally gravitate to this space whenever they come over.


I remember my 5 year old and some of his friends asking to use the playdoh one day. I asked them to wait a minute while I got a plastic tablecloth for them to use. By the time I came back, they had flipped the playmat over and used the back side for the playdoh. When they were finished, it was easy to give it a wipe and flip it over again.

great outdoors too!

Lightweight and compact when rolled-up with a carry handle, your remarkably rugged & versatile playmat is easily portable to meet the demands of today's outdoor lifestyle. Perfect for the beach, park, picnics, BBQs & camping, or simply out in the garden. Our playmats transcend all developmental stages and can be used as a family lifestyle product for many years.

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