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Here is what some of our happy customers have had to say over the years. Additional reviews can be seen on the relevant product pages.


"Hi, I have just received a playmat for my son and it is great! I bought it online so was a bit apprehensive about not being able to do the 'touch & feel' before buying but I (and my little boy!) are over the moon! Thank you" :-) (name supplied)

"We have had a Wiggy Winks playmat for a year, of all the things we bought or received for our baby, this has been the best product by far." (name supplied)

Dear Customer Service,
I bought one of your play mats in 2001 and HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY SATISFIED!
When I first bought your play mat, my second son was a baby and my first son was 4 years old. They are now 4 and 8 year olds. They use your play mat everyday for everything...From reading books, watching TV, to eating food, or just plain playing. The quality of your Wiggy Winks play mat is superb. Our 2001 play mat is still in brand new condition after being used outside on the grass, at the beach, and especially indoor on the hardwood floor. THANK YOU!
Completely satisfied customer from Dayton, Ohio, United States (name supplied) AUG 2005

I bought the Wiggy Winks playnest and playmat for my daughter, and both have been fantastic. I put the playnest in our bathroom, and I used to lie her in it from only a few weeks old while I had my shower. I only stopped using it in the bathroom once she got big enough to crawl out of it, and then I put it in the family room, and she sits in it to play with toys or look through books (she's now 16 months). The playmat is also great - we use it out on our deck, the plastic backing means it doesn't get dirty, and the padding means she has a really sort and comfortable place to play with toys on outside. It's so comfortable that there's been a few times I've been lying on the playmat playing with her that I've thought I could easily have a little nap on it! I bought the Garden design (pale green with dragonflies, butterflies etc on it) which is lovely (and I thought unisex, as opposed to the Underwater design which was predominantly blue). They are quite expensive, but I think we have definitely got our money's worth already (and we only have one child at the moment, more hopefully to come!). Hope this helps! Lise 32

Have a look at the Wiggy Winks play mats too. They are very large,thick and are rubber backed so the cold from floorboards or tiles doesn't come through. You can also take them outside on the lawn if you like and the damp doesn't come through. They are a little more expensive but mine has been a godsend and gets used every single day. Their website is https://wiggywinks.com.au/ Cheers, Robyn




"I bought a play nest for my (then) 6 month old daughter. We have polished floor boards through our home, and she was starting to sit up - not a good combination!! 
A week later, she was sitting for long periods of time. We'd felt comfortable leaving her to try sitting, with the risk of banging her head on the floor reduced by the padded sides. She was free to develop at her own pace, without fear of injury or tears. 
Now we take the nest with us whenever we go to visit friends. Even at eight months, Eleanor still enjoys sitting in it, stroking the sides and trying to climb out of it. We've had many friends comment on how practical and useful it is. Congratulations on a wonderful product." (name supplied)

"I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the products I have purchased. My son is 7 months old and uses his playmat and playnest every day. Our home is tiled so the mat has been very useful from the day we brought him home! I use it outside on the verandah, in the kitchen and I even take it when we travel. I have taken it to a couple of social functions with friends - even they were impressed. One of my friends actually went out and bought a mat for her daughter. 
We use the playnest after bathtime - its easy to put him onto it, wrap him in a towel and then move to his room. I also use the nest in the laundry whilst I am washing. My son lies in it (not yet sitting up) and kicks happily! 
Thanks you so much for two wonderful products."
(name supplied)

I bought the Wiggy Winks playnest and playmat for my daughter, and both have been fantastic. I put the playnest in our bathroom, and I used to lie her in it from only a few weeks old while I had my shower. I only stopped using it in the bathroom once she got big enough to crawl out of it, and then I put it in the family room, and she sits in it to play with toys or look through books (she's now 16 months).
(name supplied)



The following are Kidspot reviews:

Wiggy WinksBy Rachjackcarly on 10/11/2012 12:13:00 AM

Wow, my baby boy is 8 weeks old and we've been using the playnest we were lucky enough to trial for 3 weeks and I can already see its going to be a huge asset. With a 2 year old and a 3 year old I need to know he's going to be safe and comfortable while I get the housework done. It even has a waterproof backing so I can put him outside under the clothesline while I hang washing. The quilaty of the product is fantastic with very strong seams and great quality fabric, it's so easy to put Ben in it and there is no assembly required, I haven't had to wash the play nest yet but the little spit ups that have occurred wiped off very easily. Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to trial your fantastic product.

Wiggy WinksBy mumtojake on 8/08/2012 4:04:00 AM

What an awesome product. my twins love sitting in it, and its a great place for them to practice sitting up in. feel more comfortable putting them on the floor, with my 5 year old running around, he knows not to get too close to the twins nest, as we call it. The only problem, is that my 5 year old wants one to lay in too.

Wiggy WinksBy BrendaRamsay on 4/08/2012 4:13:00 AM

We were so lucky to have had the chance to trial a Wiggy Winks Playnest.....and we LOVE IT! Our daughter is 3.5 months old and on so many occasions (owing to looking after her toddler brothers) has to be put down in order to do "things"...and this playnest has been such a wonderful place to keep her happy and safe. The quality of the playnest is sensational. Not a loose thread or imperfection that we have seen. .It was so easy to move around the house and back yard.....and when we went to visit the grandparents

Wiggy WinksBy MichLou85 on 2/08/2012 2:58:00 AM

I love our Wiggy Winks Playnest! So many good things to say about this product: 1. Customer Service from Wiggy Winks was great! Wiggy Winks had to contact me and they were efficient, friendly and professional. It was a pleasure! 2. I was so impressed when the Playnest arrived. Reading over all the features like waterproof backing so I can put it down on a not-so-clean floor or even outside, the fact that its easy to wash as well, I was delighted. The manufacturing is of a high standard. I am planning on taking this with us on play-dates as you can get a carry-strap to make it more portable. 3. I can see this being so handy in the future. At the moment my two month old 'sits' in it, propped up but its going to be so awesome when she starts to practice sitting up on her own. Her toys will stay nice and close to her and she'll be pretty safe from bumps when she takes a little tumble. 4. My husband loves the playnest! It's so funny but this is one baby product that he raves about - so much so, he wanted to write his own review on it! LOL I would absolutely recommend this product. Particularly if your living areas aren't carpeted, I found this makes a nice, safe place to put baby down. I think this would make a great Baby Shower present too. .Thanks Wiggy Winks and KidSpot for the opportunity to learn about a really useful product :)

Wiggy WinksBy rosemaryjune on 10/07/2012 5:07:00 AM

Just what we need, rather than having to nurse a 9 week old baby in that very position so much. We have the head of the cot propped up because of reflux/colic. It seems to be helping whilst baby is asleep or at least settled before or after sleep.

Wiggy WinksBy kbaker on 10/07/2012 3:51:00 AM

I actually have one of these but in a different print and love it, when my bubs was small it was great as you can take it outside, as it has a waterproof and very durable backing. Now it just gets used for the Time Out mat. Good Luck Kookla123 I’m sure your niece would love it, we have had many years from ours.

Wiggy WinksBy kookla123 on 10/07/2012 3:15:00 AM

Beautiful for my niece who is three weeks old!


Pregnancy Comfort Pillow

Thank you for your invaluable advice regarding the breast feeding pillow and the pregnancy pillow. I am now over 7 months pregnant with identical twins and the sheer pleasure of a decent night’s sleep due to your pregnancy comfort pillow you recommended is a delight. At 3 months pregnant I purchased a rather expensive but completely useless contraption of a pillow and frankly it is now collecting dust. Your pillow, unlike my previous pillow purchase, contours my expanding body providing support for my key body areas. In particular, as I turn during the night your pillow can easily follow my body without any drama. I am a believer in purchasing only once but on this occasion there is simply no comparison in products, and a decent night’s sleep especially when I’m still working is just essential.


This pillow is AMAZING!!! The teardrop shape is the perfect fit for a pregnant belly. I was finding it very hard to get a comfortable sleep until I got this pillow, now I know every night I will get a comfortable, restful sleep. It’s the only pregnancy pillow that rolls with you in your sleep. You just wrap your legs around the bottom of the teardrop and turn over and the pillow comes with you! There is nothing on the market like this pillow – it is fantastic! I’ve also found the larger my belly gets, the more comfortable the pillow becomes. Every pregnant woman should have one of these pillows.



Feeding Pillow

Your feeding pillows are fantastic! I used another pillow for my first child and gave up after a while as I felt it didn’t make much difference. I hadn’t planned to use one this time but a friend gave me her Wiggy Winks one and convinced me to try it. What a difference it made. I immediately felt more conscious of my posture and just how comfortable it felt. I certainly won’t hesitate to recommend this to all my friends.(name supplied)

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